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57% Clear Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Terrorist Travel Ban

57% Clear Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Terrorist Travel Ban

Don’t let the Nazi George Soros financed rioters fool you. President Trump’s Terrorist Travel Ban has HUGE support in America. Rasmussen reports an astounding 57-33 majority support for the terrorist ban.

If you believe the lies of the anti-American leftists like CNN and NBC, you would think President Trump had done something illegal or unpopular. That, however, is just more Fake News and Propaganda.

REAL Americans want and need a safe and secure country and President Trump is delivering it to us. Soros, Clinton and Obama, as enemies of the state, are trying to create a false narrative that Trump is wrong. And by proxy, WE are wrong.

All of this theater is designed to weaken your support for a safe and strong America. Because their plans to destroy us have been thwarted, they are only left with riots. Violence, Hate and Destruction are all the democrats have left.

NEVER weaken and NEVER surrender to the lies of the anti-American democrats and leftists. They are now show for exactly what they are and we have the chance to erase them forever!

From Infowars:

A new Rasmussen poll finds that 57 per cent of Americans support President Trump’s travel ban on people arriving from terror-linked countries, with just 33 per cent opposing the measure.
Asked if they support a temporary 90 day ban on “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, a clear majority of Americans back Trump, despite widespread media criticism of the executive order.

The poll also found that Americans support a visa block on all individuals from those same countries by a margin of 56 per cent to 32 per cent.

The survey has a +/- 3 percentage points margin of error with a 95% level of confidence.

“Most voters opposed former President Obamas plan to bring tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and African refugees here this year. Sixty-two percent (62%) said Obamas plan posed an increased national security risk to the United States,” reports Rasmussen.

The poll was conducted before this weekend’s protests, although given the behavior of some of the protesters, it’s unknown whether that would increase or decrease support for the measure amongst Americans.

As we document in the video below, the media has completely misrepresented the issue and whipped up yet more hysteria by characterizing the executive order as a “Muslim ban,” when in fact it is based on a list of countries decided upon by the Obama administration.

In addition, not a single citizen from the top five Muslim-populated countries is affected by the ban. 87% of Muslims worldwide are not affected by the ban.

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