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Biker hosting Huge pro-Trump Inauguration Rally

Biker hosting Huge pro-Trump Inauguration Rally

Trump has more than just a few friends out here in the good ol USA. And a lot of them are committed to seeing that left wing, liberal scum, doesn’t destroy our democracy no matter how hard they try.

You see, the “Operation J20” domestic terrorist attack planned  for the inauguration is being disguised as a “protest” when in fact it is a terror attack.

Democrat scum from around the country are planning multiple attacks on several fronts with the hopes of starting a civil war. This is the same tactic democrats used on Abraham Lincoln, and the democrats actually did start a Civil War that left over 500,000 American casualties.

The democrats just couldn’t imagine losing slavery and their control over Black People. Now, the same thing has happened again. Blacks have begun to distance themselves from Democrats, so they are on the attack again.

We’ve already seen them rioting in the cities. We’ve seen them physically attack young people. We’ve seen them burn cars and small businesses. Yes, the democrats are the enemy of all that is good and right in America.

Now, we have several groups pledging to save our democracy from these anarchists. But they are not the only ones. There are others and I wonder if the next Civil War will be launched on Inauguration Day courtesy of democrat scum.

From The Washington Post:

Chris Cox surveyed a small park near the U.S. Capitol, his German shepherd by his side. Wearing a Harley-Davidson jacket and a crocodile-skin cowboy hat adorned with the animals teeth atop his moppy, curly hair, Cox made for a particularly discordant sight in the heart of federal Washington on a misty weekend morning.

But Cox had logistics to sort out, an Inauguration Day demonstration with motorcycle die-hards from across the nation to plan.

The 48-year-old chain-saw artist from South Carolina was an early and enthusiastic supporter of President-elect Donald Trump. Now that his guy has won, Cox wants to ensure that the group he founded, Bikers for Trump, strengthens its political muscle during Trumps presidency and beyond.

The group obtained a permit for what is expected to be the largest pro-Trump rally held by a private group in the nations capital timed to the inauguration. Cox calls the planned event at John Marshall Park a halftime rally and said there will be speakers, musical performances and upward of 5,000 bikers in attendance.

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