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Medical Marijuana Passed In FL, Now What Happens?

Medical Marijuana Passed In FL, Now What Happens?

Voters passed Amendment 2 in Florida, now what happens? That is the question on a lot of voters minds.

We interviewed former FL Senate president, Mike Haridopolos and marijuana lobbyist and columnist for Leafly, Jay Lassiter to answer that question.

  Mike Haridopolos

The first thing that needs to be done in the state is there needs to be laws past that will regulate medical marijuana and provide the guidelines needed for patients to get it.

Senator Haridopolos said:

the key is finding the fine line between medical marijuana and legalized marijuana. Voters expressed a clear intent to help those with severe medical conditions where marijuana can help them alleviate their pain and potentially avoid powerful narcotics.

He went on to say:

The legislature needs to determine who can “prescribe” the drug. Will it be ONLY licensed doctors at a pharmacy or will other be allowed to “prescribe”?

Lassiter does not have a lot of confidence in the state representatives effectively fulfilling the will of the people when it comes to medical marijuana. He was there from start to finish in New Jersey where a similar law was passed and he said five years later they are still trying to…

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