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Michigan man’s LIED that mom died due to Terrorist Travel Ban

Michigan man’s LIED that mom died due to Terrorist Travel Ban

What a sick and disgusting thing to do to your own mother’s memory. Of course, muslims don’t even think women are human, especially their mom’s whom they deem as “whores” for having sex with men.

But, let’s not forget how the muslim traitor Barack Obama lied about his own mother’s cancer and insurance. He stood in front of the American people and said that her “health” insurance wouldn’t pay her bills.

The truth? It was not “health” insurance. It was disability insurance he was trying to scam money out of. And he lied to America about his mother to get sympathy for a health care debacle to destroy America with.

It’s obvious that obama thinks his mother is a dirty, sub-human, whore also. In islam, women are thought to be equal to pigs and dogs which are unclean. They are also considered property that can be traded, sold, and destroyed in the most horrific ways possible.

So, why do democrats love islam? Nobody has figured that out yet.

From Fox News:

A man in Dearborn, Mich., who claimed his mother died because of President Trump’s travel ban — preventing her from returning to the U.S. for medical treatment — lied to the media, it has since emerged after the leader of a nearby mosque spoke out.

Mike Hager told TV stations in Detroit and Boston hetried to bring his ill mother back from Iraq last Friday, but she was not allowed to enter the U.S. because of Trump’s order restricting entry from seven countries.

He alsotold Fox 2:”Since I lost my mom I’ve been on heavy medication – I can’t even sleep. I did not make anything up.”

Still,Imam Husham Al-Hussainy said Hager’s mother actually diedon Jan. 22, five days before the travel restrictions went into effect. Al-Hussainytold the news station prayers were said for the woman at the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn.

What’s more, a since-deleted Jan. 22 Facebook post on Hager’s account memorialized his mother, Fox 2 reported.

Al-Hussainy said he learned she died from members of his mosque and posts on the family’s Facebook page, and a funeral was held for the woman at a nearby mosque last weekend.

Hager initially said he was a U.S. citizen, but that his mother and others in his family who traveled to Iraq were not. The others were not allowed to return, he said.

Al-Hussainy said Hager spoke to him by phone around Jan. 19 that he and other members of his family were traveling to Iraq to visit relatives. Hager also said his mother suffered from kidney disease, the imam said.

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Al-Hussainy has not spoken to Hager since that phone call. He said the woman’s body remained in Iraq.

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