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The Freeing of Aleppo

The Freeing of Aleppo

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After making a series of successful advancements over the last ten days, the Syrian Armed Forces were able to recapture and free six neighborhoods in East Aleppo from Islamist opposition forces.

The Syrian Armed Forces, with the help of Russian troops, rescued and evacuated approximately 18,000 civilians to safety from East Aleppo to Syrian Army protected West Aleppo.

The Syrian Army had given the Islamists notice in advance that if they would put down their weapons and turn themselves in they would be given safe passage out of Syria to return to their home countries.

Approximately 650 Islamist opposition fighters turned themselves in to the Syrian Armed Forces.

The rescued civilians had been unable to flee when the Islamist forces captured their neighborhoods and many had been trapped in these neighborhoods as early as 2011.

Russia has sent its elite sappers to Aleppo to de-mine buildings in the recaptured neighborhoods. A Russian mobile hospital was also sent to the outskirts of the neighborhoods to treat wounded civilians. Many Islamist cells remained and sniper fired at…

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